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Diagnostic X-ray procedures are medical examinations. As such, the X-Ray Department requires that only the patient and the radiologic technologist be present in the exam room during the procedure. The presence of family members or children in the room may distract the technologist from their professional duties. For safety reasons, children are not allowed in the exam room due to potential hazards posed by radiation exposure and medical equipment. Administrative staff are not available to supervise children, as their focus must remain on other patients. Patients should either leave children at home or bring another adult to supervise them in the waiting area.



To provide the radiologic technologist with an environment that promotes focus and concentration, ensuring the capture of high-quality images for the most accurate diagnosis without interruption or distractions.



All X-Ray Procedures:

  • All family members must remain in the waiting room during the patient's X-ray examination.

  •  Children are not permitted in the exam room for safety reasons.

Exceptions to this policy:

  • If the patient is handicapped, mentally disabled, or a minor, they will be allowed one family member or caregiver in the room for assistance.

  • If the patient is unable to speak English, an interpreter will be allowed in the room to help overcome the language barrier.

  • Guide dogs and other service animals are always permitted to accompany patients with disabilities.


Safety Precautions:

  • All visitors allowed in the X-ray room must wear appropriate protective gear, such as lead aprons, as directed by the radiologic technologist.

  • Pregnant visitors must inform the radiologic technologist and are strongly discouraged from entering the X-ray room due to potential radiation exposure risks to the unborn child. Alternative arrangements should be made for their presence during the procedure, if necessary.

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