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A Fruitful Combination of Advanced Technology and Patient Care

The expectations of people in each and every field have reached an unimaginable height, which could not even be thought of in the old times. The world has witnessed a lot of change and advancement in all sectors, that the people have been sort of spoiled. Now, every person wants


Welcome to Brantford Radiology Group

We are a group of highly qualified healthcare professionals committed to providing world-class medical diagnostic imaging services in Brantford Ontario. Technologically advanced facilities with latest medical imaging equipment and expert technicians are at the heart of our services.

Brantford Radiology Group provides a range of diagnostic imaging services including:

  • X-Ray
  • Ultrasound
  • Vascular Ultrasound

Ever since our inception, we have been providing affordable medical imaging services for precision driven diagnostics. Throughout our career, we have maintained high patient care standards and repute as Brantford’s leading diagnostic imaging center.


BRG is an integrated network of medical facilities providing exceptional diagnostic imaging services. We incorporate cutting edge technology, professional radiologists, and talented technicians to offer high quality patient care.

  • We provide appointments to our patients within 1-2 days
  • We send diagnostic report within 24 hours of scanning/examination
  • We offer the highest quality of patient care and commitment
  • We continually incorporate new technology for better services

Integrity and passion drive our services, in an ever-changing Canadian health care environment. We believe that healthcare comprises of sound mind, body and heart. Our group aims to offer diagnostic imaging at affordable prices to Canadians. We dedicate our entire resources to provide few chosen services with top-of-the-line diagnostic approach through the latest modalities and the best equipment with high medical standards.

Exceptional Patient Care Standards

We welcome our patients with great courtesy right from the time they call us. Professionalism and gracious welcome go hand in hand at our clinics. We provide all the diagnostic services in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Vigilant medical supervision and strict medical protocols are never compromised during the visit. Our staff aims to provide speedy services along with high quality standards.

X-Ray Scanning

X-ray scanning is a major medical diagnostic procedure that helps detect myriad medical conditions. These rays can penetrate through clothing and skin to reveal bone fractures and injuries. It is produced when a beam of high energy electrons crash into a heavy metal target. The rays penetrate the body and the film reveals the internal picture. X-rays are used for:

  • Detection of broken and fractured bones
  • Radiation treatment
  • Analyze stress in injured bones
  • Foreign objects swallowed accidentally
  • Analyze gunshot wounds and bullet’s Location
  • Identify gallstones
  • Teeth Analysis
  • Detection of cancer in bones


Ultrasound gives a much more detailed picture of the body’s internal soft tissues and muscles. Here, high frequency sound waves are used to image the muscular tissues on a computer screen. Ultrasound has many advantages compared to other diagnostic technologies. There is no radiation exposure. Unlike mammography, ultrasound ‘sonographer’ can easily recognize lesions in females having thick breast tissue.

Ultrasound accurately depicts the soft tissue structure which on x-ray cannot achieve. It is a painless, non-invasive and comfortable diagnostic technology which does not involve intravenous injections or infusions.

Vascular Ultrasound

Also known as Duplex scans, Sonography or Doppler Exams, vascular ultrasound refers to a noninvasive imaging procedure using high frequency sound waves. It develops clear images of arteries and veins. It is used to detect peripheral diseases which are related to blood vessels outside the heart and brain. It is a non-invasive, safer and highly economical procedure.

The Vascular system refers to the blood circulatory system of the body consisting of blood vessels, arteries and veins. This ultrasound aims to detect the detrimental changes affecting blood in the internal system. This ultrasound identifies:

  • Narrowing or total blockage of blood vessels
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis – Blood clots in the veins
  • Aneurysms of vessels characterized by unusual ballooning
  • Check viability of a vessel to be used as graft

Comprehensive Radiology Imaging Diagnostic Services in Brantford

We offer a wide range of image diagnostic services in the Brantford region. All the medical safety procedures are followed heartily at our facilities. Our state-of-the-art equipment, qualified radiologists and economical pricing make us the trusted healthcare services provider among locals.

We guarantee an appointment within 48 hours. Same day report of tests undertaken is our characteristic feature. We focus on safe and sterile environment along with high patient care standards.

Call us now to book an appointment for X-ray, ultrasound and vascular ultrasound.